Chapter 1: Introduction        [第一章  引言]

Chapter 2: Soil Shear–the Phenomenological Model     [第二章  土壤剪切应力——唯象模型]

Chapter 3: Soil Shear–the Physical Model (Part 1)    [第三章  土壤剪切应力——物理模型(第一部分)]

Chapter 4: Soil Shear–the Physical Model (Part 2)    [第四章  土壤剪切应力——物理模型(第二部分)]

Chapter 5: Soil Shear–Strain Rate (Viscosity) Effects     [第五章  土壤剪切应力——应变率效应]

Chapter 6: Consolidation Compression–The Generalized Model     [第六章  固结压缩——广义模型]

Chapter 7: Strain Rate (Viscosity) Effects and Secondary Consolidation in One-Dimensional Loading     [第七章  固结压缩——蠕变和粘度]

Chapter 8: Finite Element Analysis Using DSSM     [第八章  路堤的有限元分析]

Chapter 9: Conclusion     [第九章  结论]

References     [参考]

Appendix 1: The Poisson Process for Soil Deformation     [附录1:土体变形的泊松过程]

Appendix 2: Analytical Solution to Approximated DSSM Model      [附录2: DSSM模型近似解析解]

Appendix 3: Deconstructing Elasto-Plastic CSSM Models     [附录 3:拆析CSSM弹塑性模型]

Appendix 4: Interview with Dr. Steve J. Poulos former Professor of Soil Mechanics, Harvard University, under Arthur Cassagrande (March 1, 2014)

[附录4:采访曾从师于著名土力学学者Arthur Casagrande,前哈佛大学土壤力学教授Steve J. Poulos博士(2014年3月1日)]

Acknowlegements      [致谢]

Notation      [符号]

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