Important Material Pertaining To Dynamical Systems based Soil Mechanics


Online Course: Dynamical Systems based Soil Mechanics (DSSM)--a short, self-study course. 

Hi there!  I have had to take down my DSSM online course because Taylor and Francis (CRC Press/Balkema) have signed a book publishing contract with me to publish its contents as  a book; not unreasonably, the non-compete clause in the contract requires that  I am not to compete with my own book.  

I requested T&F to price the book as low as they could, and they very kindly obliged. The book costs a not unreasonable US$70.  Any money I make from the book goes to a charity in India ( that takes care of babies with AIDS who have been abandoned by their (impoverished) families; so rest assured that your money is going to a good cause.  

This course has been online for roughly three years. During this time, after accounting for bots, virtual agents, etc., a total of 42,463 unique visitors came to the site 136,949 times and read 451,824 pages.  It has been an honor to me that so many appear to have found this site useful.  

I thank my editor Dr. Alistair Bright and producer Mr. Lukas Goosen at T&F for their excellent publishing skills and for the very handsome looking book they created, as well as for working patiently with a "newbie" author and for putting up with my eccentricities. The gorgeous cover photograph is of a sand from a beach in Japan, taken by Catalin Stefan who runs the site: World Atlas of Sands You can see it at the bottom of this page.  Catalin graciously allowed me the use of this photograph for no fee!  Thank you Catalin!

I chose this photograph because it shows clearly what should be obvious to anyone--that real soil particles have a finite, irregular sizes and shapes.  Any theory that implicitly assumes otherwise (ex. CSSM, elasto-plastic, von Mises, Drucker-Prager, Mohr Coulomb failure criterion, etc) are doomed to fail from the get-go.  Ponder this photograph while asking yourself how dynamical systems soil mechanics is able to simply but yet exactly account for these irregular shapes and sizes without explicitly and directly tackling these irregularities.

The book is to be made available in March 2017.  It will be far superior to the web version (really!) because during the course of writing it, I found to my surprise that the web version was quite "unfinished" and with numerous typos/errors. Also, l found that in some of my papers some sentences I had written were unclear and/or ambiguous; in one paper, a table was incorrect.  All these have been clarified and corrected for the book, which now should be considered as superseding anything on this original online version or even anything in my published papers.

Prior to publishing, many sections of the book were reviewed by Dr. Gonzalo Castro, a world famous expert in the steady-state of soils, and I thank him sincerely for the extensive time and effort that he put into the review.  That being said, any remaining errors in the book are entirely mine.

Also, the book is short and (hopefully, sweet)!  It has a mere 135 pages of clearly (again hopefully) written material.  Master this slim book and you will be better than me at DSSM!

Should you wish, you can order my book from here:

There was one chapter and two appendices that I did not publish in the book--these are available though on my blog at so do check them out there should you want to read them.


Paul G. Joseph, CC (Certified Curmudgeon; see for details on how you too can become one!)